A/C Checkups Part II

In this second part, the Monday Morning Mechanic finishes explaining what goes into an air conditioning checkup at a good repair facility

AAA’s Four MOST Common Reasons for a Tow!

The Monday Morning Mechanic goes over AAA’s four most common reasons for needing a tow and how to PREVENT them! Here’s how to keep your car from needing a tow because of these items…transmission fluid, brake pads and brake fluid, oil changes, and anti-freeze.

All About Windshield Wipers

You have probably never really thought much about your windshield wipers, but the Monday Morning Mechanic explains how different kinds of wipers can keep you SAFELY on the ROAD!

You can’t save money by skipping maintenance!

The Monday Morning Mechanic, David Rogers, explains why skipping maintenance can’t save you money: it means more money spent at the pump AND more money spent at the mechanic to replace failing parts. This includes even the smallest components of an engine, like spark plugs and spark plug wires, distributor caps, and fuel injectors.